Penny Red perforated

Perforate Penny Reds

Below you will find perforated Penny Reds by their SG number. If you are looking for a particular plate, select the relevant category below for plates 71 to 225.

Stamp Grading abbreviations

Please refer to the following grading abbreviations in relation to this category.

  • UM = Unmounted mint.
  • FMM = Fine Mounted Mint.
  • AMM = Average Mounted Mint, will have some defect.
  • VFU = Very Fine Used, with a very light postmark.
  • FU = Fine Used, with moderate postmark.
  • GU = Good Used, with heavier postmark.
  • AU = Average Used, slight defect such as poor cancel, pulled perf or small snagged corner.
  • SF = Stamp with faults, such as trimmed perfs, thinned, small tear.

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