Abbreviations for condition of stamps:                 

UM        Unmounted mint with no hinge mark or other markings.

FMM     Fine mounted mint with light to reasonably mounted with original gum, no hinge mark or other markings.

AMM    Average mounted mint is unused, with gum with some defect.

FVU       Very fine used is fine stamp cancelled with a light postmark in part of a corner or in the centre of the stamp.

FU          Fine used is a fine stamp with a good moderate postmark.

GU         Good used is a sound stamp with a heavier postmark.

AU          Average used is a stamp with a slight defect, such as trimmed perforations or a slit thin.

SF           Stamp faults, used stamp with faults such as trimmed perforations, thinned or small tear.

For modern commemoratives some very fine used strips, blocks and self-adhesive stamps will be supplied on paper. We advise customers to leave them on paper as they fall apart and self-adhesives cannot be removed off the paper.