Selling Great Britain and British Commonwealth Stamps?

We regularly buy all Great Britain Stamps, Channel Island stamps, Isle of Man stamps and British Commonwealth stamps. 

British Commonwealth Stamps

We buy regularly British Commonwealth collections so if you have a collection to sell douse the contact us tab on this website and we will respond.

Mint GB decimal stamps

We pay 50% of the face value for stamps and we do not buy any mounted mint or un-gummed unused stamps. In the case of Miniature Sheets, it is the value of the stamps, not the value printed on the sheet.

Mint Channel Islands decimal stamps

Decimal mint stamps in sets are worth 35% of the face value and single values or odds are worth 30%. Sets must be supplied so they are kept in units. These prices include Presentation Packs.

GB decimal Presentation Packs

Decimal mint stamps in presentation packs are worth 50% of the face value of the stamps. Earlier packs pre decimal packs email us a name description.

GB Decimal Booklets

Decimal mint stamps in booklets are worth 50% of the face value of the stamps.

GB and British Commonwealth used stamps

We only buy used stamps that are in sets in very fine used condition. Once again most modern stamps are regarded as very common due to supply outweighing demand. We pay approximately one quarter of our retail price.

GB First Day Covers

We will pay 20p an FDC from 1967 to 1995, 25p an FDC for 1996 to 1999, 50p an FDC for 2000 to 2005, 1.00p for 2005 to date. This is only for full set covers, typed addressed. We pay twice the above for unaddressed FDC’s.  Covers must be neat, unmarked, no ruffled corners and tidy. Earlier FDC's are subject to the same principles.

GB Coin Covers

We pay 50p a cover above the face value of the coins for such covers.

Why sell to us?

Are you thinking of putting your collection or items into an auction?  If so, you will pay an auctioneer selling commission, from you, now normally 10-15%. There is also a buyer premium normally 20% that is added to the buyer’s commission bill on top of the hammer price and this is not disclosed to you the seller. Lastly there is VAT on top of both the auction commissions. So when you eventually get paid, which will be several months after giving them the material, you will actually only receive 65% of the amount the buyer actually paid.  You will be selling at a market rate although you will only effectively receive 65% of market value.

Our buying processes

Smaller lots or collections need to be sent to us. Please advise us though before sending and we can agree a price prior to sending. Please adhere to my minimum purchase values as shown above as failure to do this, may result in my returning the items to you, less a deduction of material to cover the return postage costs. If you do wish to proceed, please see postal instructions below.

If your lot is valuable and you are local to us then a home visit maybe arranged. Otherwise, we may arrange for a collection at our expense. Should you then reject our offer the goods would be returned to you.


Do not post anything without a response from us. You should use the contact us tab on this site with the details and we will respond.  Payment is usually upon receipt and only electronically in Pounds Sterling directly to your own bank account. We can also pay through PayPal if you wish, again only in Pounds Sterling. Please use contact us tab before sending anything otherwise we may treat your posted item as unsolicited and ask you to pay postage for returning it to you.